Hunting Hall 2019 – Day 1

Annotation 2019-06-12 153406This morning several members of the Lowick Archaeology Group made an early start to remove the turf and topsoil from our two new trenches at Hunting Hall Farm. These trenches have been deliberately positioned over features revealed during the geophysical survey of last summer. The survey indicated several underground shapes and structures, mainly circles and lines that are totally invisible at the surface and so excavation is the only way to determine their likely origins. We had all hoped that removing the topsoil would reveal promising features that are consistent with the Bronze and Iron Ages and we were not disappointed. After just a few minutes, our professional archaeologist, Dr Kristian Pedersen, had identified a number of areas for us to work on over the next two weeks. Visitors to the site would be made very welcome and it’s an ideal and informal opportunity for anyone wishing to try their hand at archaeology.

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